Bonfire Night Fire Safety Tips

Thank you for visiting us for some Bonfire Night Fire Safety Tips this year, to keep yourself and your family safe from the significant dangers disguised as fun and excitement this 5th November.

Remember remember the risks in November
Even without treason and plot
Amidst the fun, harm can be done
To those who went and forgot

A bonfire is a practical way to get rid of autumnal garden waste and something of a spectacle in the cold winter air full of excitement, but it is also potentially lethal without the right planning. You may have a large number of people about in the enclosed space of the back garden which serves for many distractions especially when everyone’s attention is skyward and not on what they are doing. The fireworks themselves that have our attention are wild cards at best and need to be handled very specifically to guarantee safety.

We have therefore put together a simple fire risk assessment with accompanying notes packed with Bonfire Night fire safety tips for you to follow in your home and garden before the festivities kick off. By planning these things in advance you will be able to relax once the party is under way when you should be enjoying yourself.

With guests, catering and the display itself it and be hard to organise your thoughts regards safety with so much else demanding your attention so the attached documents will take the effort out of that. There are some guidance notes to walk you through the process and a simple form to help you identify any risks and manage them so that there is less chance of a fire and more chance of getting people to safety if an accident does happen.

Here at Fire & Electrical Safety Ltd, we provide fire safety solutions to commercial premises, so please note that where these Bonfire Night fire safety tips are fine for guiding your safety precautions at home, fire risk assessment must be bespoke for business premises and commercial events to ensure you are in line with regulation so please contact us if you require any advice for work events or premises.

Bonfire Night Risk Assessment Form: Download your form here

Bonfire Night Risk Assessment Guidance Notes: Download your form here