Conducting Fire Risk Assessments

If you are an employer, a landlord or occupier of a business in this country, you are responsible for the fire safety of that area and you must be conducting fire risk assessments on a regular basis.

Consequences Of Not Carrying Out Fire Risk Assessments

If the premises are inspected by the local fire service, and if you have any issues that need correction and upgrading, you will be issued a fire safety notice that will outline the changes and additions that will need to be made. It is possible to go to court, receive a fine, or even go to prison, if you do not follow and adhere to any recommended changes that are recommended to you by the local fire authorities. It is always best to be proactive and have these assessments carried out by qualified fire safety engineers that are not from the local authorities. This way, if you do get a surprise visit, then you will be safe in the knowledge that you are fully compliant.

Fire Prevention

Most fires are totally preventable and can be avoided if certain precautionary steps are taken. It is the job of our fire risk assessors to conduct the fire risk assessments and suggest any changes or improvements that can be instituted to prevent a possible fire. In order to help prevent a fire, these assessments identify risks that could be instrumental in causing a fire. Identifying substances that could spark a fire, substances that could easily catch fire, and people and areas that are under great risk are all identified.

Fire Safety Management System

Once the risks are identified, the steps can be taken to control the situations that are deemed to be hazardous. Consideration can be given as to how they can be avoided, or if this is not a possibility, a determination can be made how the risks can be reduced and managed. A plan of action will also have to be put into place to protect people in case that there is a fire.

Fire Safety Regulations

The Department for Communities and Local Government website provides information about the legislation which includes guidance in regard to specific locations and how to deal with different situations.

When people understand the seriousness of fire prevention, and how quickly a fire can spread, they begin to understand why the regulators are so concerned. Fires that rage out of control kill people from smoke inhalation, burns, and injuries incurred by people attempting to escape and being struck by falling debris due to the fire. The fire risk assessments have gone a long way toward accomplishing safer environments for people.

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