Domestic Fire Risk Assessment Template

If you look at domestic fire safety advice the primary message is to have a smoke alarm and to test it regularly. This is good advice and it is even becoming law for all private landlords, but a smoke alarm in a house or a fire alarm in a business is only one piece of the puzzle and for maximum safety from fire you need to have the whole puzzle. For businesses there is legislation to guide, but no such thing for home so we have prepared a domestic fire risk assessment template to get you thinking about what more you can do at home but please note it is not sufficient for business (or private landlords) as you need to conduct a bespoke assessment for your premises and business activities for the safety of your people and in order to meet regulations.

Risk Assessment

The fire risk assessment template will help you look at home, room by room, and see what the fire threats are and how to reduce or remove the chance of a fire occurring.

Smoke Alarm

A smoke alarm will alert you if a fire does occur, but what will you do if it does go off?

Fire Extinguishers

What can you get and where should you put it in order to give you or your family the best chance of putting a fire out before it gets out of control.

Emergency Plan

If a fire does get out of control what does everyone do. In an emergency there is no time for discussion so it is best that everyone knows what to do and where there safest exit routes are without having to ask questions and slow escape down

This is a free domestic fire risk assessment template is from us to you so that you can use to make your property and family safer.

Risk Assessment Form

Risk Assessment notes