Burger king fire in milton keynes

Fire Devastates Burger King Restaurant In Milton Keynes

This is one dramatic image of a Milton Keynes Burger King that illustrates the devastation that a fire can have on your business premises. There are more images here. The blaze happened in the middle of the night and required three crews to tackle the flames. Buckinghamshire & Milton Keynes Fire Service said that the likely cause of the fire was accidental.

In some ways it seems hard to believe that fires can still occur with all the fire safety training, automated innovation on machinery, not to mention fire proofing and compartmentalisation within buildings these days but accidents can still happen which is why we need our last resort precautions such as fire alarms, fire extinguishers on site and the Fire Service themselves to watch our backs.

In some ways it is easy to believe that fires can still occur though. In our modern businesses we invite huge amounts of energy into our premises just to run the basic processes and then the specialist business procedures will add to this significantly. A restaurant has many many heat sources and many many fuel sources. Effective risk assessments, procedures and staff training can keep these apart but there will always be unpredictable elements during a fast moving business day.

This is why risk assessments and therefore process and procedure should be reviewed regularly with paperwork showing that this has been done. If this all seems too much alongside your core business practices then we would be happy to help – we can ensure the paperwork and the best advice, we can carry out many of the changes if identified and we can guide your hand in all the decision making. Please contact us at Fire & Electrical Safety Limited. We’re based in Milton Keynes but work across the whole of Buckinghamshire, Northamptonshire and Bedfordshire.