fire fighters extinguishing fire

Praise for Wellingborough care home staff when fire breaks out

Sadly, we read a lot of news stories about individuals and organisations failing to meet the appropriate standards when it comes to fire safety. Almost daily, prosecutions are brought, and fines are issued because the required standards are not met, and people’s lives are put at risk as a result.

So, we were delighted to come across this recent article regarding a local fire at a care home in Wellingborough. The fire was caused by a tumble dryer catching fire, on arrival the Fire Service were able to extinguish the fire using two hose reel jets.

In this case, the staff had been well trained and understood exactly what action to take and who was responsible for what, turning a potentially frightening situation into something that they were confident to deal with.

This, combined with having the correct equipment in place meant that the fire was contained to the laundry room where it started and there was minimal disruption to the residents and limited damage to the premises.

If you own a business, are you confident that if a fire broke out within your premises the staff would know exactly what action to take? This is an area where you really need to be prepared to invest to comply with fire safety legislation. It is important to equip your staff with the knowledge and skills to keep them and their colleagues safe. In a care setting, where there are potentially vulnerable residents, some of whom may have mobility challenges, it is even more important.

We offer a range of fire safety services including fire risk assessments , fire alarm installation, servicing and testing and fire extinguisher supply. In addition to this we offer emergency lighting solutions to aid safe evacuation and a range of work-based training. Please get in touch if we can help or advise in any way, we would be very happy to help.