Why You Should Consider PAT Testing

Portable appliance testing or PAT testing as it is more frequently known is the expression used to describe the checking of electrical equipment and appliances to ensure they are safe for use. Whilst some defects in safety appliances can be detected visually, others will only be found by appropriate and accurate testing with the proper equipment.

Any workers or personnel using electrical equipment should be provided with at least some basic training on how to check equipment before using. However, all electrical equipment should be periodically checked by a professional PAT company. Fire and Electrical Safety Ltd provide PAT Testing services and we have the necessary equipment and trained professionals to conduct in-depth testing which exceeds those just done visually.

Legislation was passed in 1989 requiring that any piece of electrical equipment that has potential to be dangerous or cause injury should be maintained regularly. For general electrical appliances this means annually but there maybe a different time frame for more specialised equipment.

Frequency of testing depends on factors such as the specific equipment, the frequency of use and the type of environment it is used in. For example, power tools used on a building site would require more regular checking than a photocopier in an office. Fire and Electrical Safety’s engineers carrying out PAT Testing in Northampton and can advise you what sort of frequency is required for specific equipment.

Equipment that has been tested should display a dated sticker stating that it has passed and it is in the interests of employers to maintain records for reviewing and monitoring how effective any maintenance is.

Generally any new equipment purchased should be safe and not require an inspection, but at least a visual check should be conducted, and if any doubts arise conduct a more thorough testing before use.

All portable appliance testing should be conducted by a professional company such as Fire and Electrical Safety Ltd, as we are fully trained in all aspects of testing, have the correct equipment for the testing, know how to use the equipment properly and how to interpret the results.