Why You Should Hire A Professional Emergency Lighting Testing Service

As a business owner, you are sure to know that you must have emergency lighting fixtures installed in order to be in compliance with building codes and fire law. These same codes of practice also require the installation of illuminated FIRE EXIT signs so that occupants can find their way out of the building in case of emergency. All of these lights must be powered by a source other than the main power source for the building because this source could be disrupted in and emergency situation. Whether you are building a new business or just trying to keep your existing business up to date, you must perform emergency lighting testing. Once you are underway, you can follow instructions (which should be provided by your building contractor) to perform testing yourself. Alternately, you can hire a company to manage this important task. This is preferable since a professional emergency lighting testing service will have everything necessary to take care of any needed upgrades and repairs immediately.

One example of necessary equipment that may need replacement is batteries. Your emergency light system will be battery operated so that it can function independently of the main power source. Each emergency light and fire exit light will have its own battery which must be capable of powering the unit for at least 3 Hours continuously. Each unit must also have a functioning battery charger. A good professional emergency lighting testing company will have these supplies on hand along with the necessary equipment to make adjustments and repairs as needed.

Currently, emergency lighting test requirements are outlined in British Standards 5266 which call for a monthly test of each emergency light fixture for at least half a minute, as well as an annual test that is to run for a full 60 minutes but is also advised for a full 3 Hour duration test. The tests are intended to determine that both the lighting units and the backup batteries are in proper, functioning condition. It is important to note that the testing requirements could change at any time, and this is just one more reason why hiring a professional service to test your emergency lighting is smart. A good service will be current on all regulations to keep you and your business in compliance with local fire and building authorities.

When any component of an emergency lighting system fails testing, the problem is very likely to be the battery. Correct batteries can be purchased from retailers specialising in batteries or from electrical wholesalers. As with anything else, the best prices can be had by purchasing in bulk, and this is exactly what Fire & Electrical Safety Ltd do so we are able to pass on our discounts we receive to our customers. For this reason, you will enjoy not only convenience, but also great prices when you hire a professional service to take care of your emergency light testing and maintenance. Additionally, it is important that just the right battery be used as a replacement for correct fit and functioning. Of course, if the problem is not the battery troubleshooting must be done by a competent person. If you hire Fire & Electrical Safety Ltd to cover this work you will have a professional right there when you need one.