Fire Alarm text in red circle

Advice on Installing and Maintaining Fire Alarms


Fire Alarms offer businesses and commercial premises safety and peace of mind.

Current regulations state that all business premises must have an ‘appropriate fire detection system’ in place. In the event of a fire there should be a system that will warn those in and around the building should a fire break out. A well-maintained fire alarm system can provide time to facilitate the safe and effective evacuation of people from the building.

Knowing which type of alarm is required can be complex and will depend on the type of building with different settings being suited to different systems.  A competent fire risk assessment will identify what type of alarm system is required and steps can then be taken to arrange installation.

Once your fire alarm system is installed it should be tested on a weekly basis to ensure that it is in good working order. There is no point in having a system present if it is not fit to do the job it was designed for. A visit from one of our qualified engineers will ensure that your system is fully functional and ready for use. We can also train your staff to carry out weekly tests of the fire alarm and to minimise false alarms.

It is really important to make sure that efforts are taken to minimise false alarms as these can be a real drain on Fire Service resources and could result in Fire Fighters being unable to attend a real emergency.

We recommend taking the time to choose a reputable company to design, install and maintain your fire alarm system. We are experienced and professional and committed to offering a service that meets your specific needs. Grades and categories can be complex, but we can guide you through the options and advise on those best suited to your building.

Maintenance and servicing are important and should be carried out regularly. We use a computerised maintenance management system to ensure all maintenance and service visits are carried out on time. Due to the legal responsibility related to fire safety work, it is essential that all works are carried out on time and fully documented.

If you are unsure where to start when it comes to protecting your staff & visitors and your premises, please get in touch. We’d be happy to guide you through which fire alarm system would best suit your needs and the ongoing support we can provide.