CCTV and Access Controls


Whether it be a basic CCTV camera or door mag lock to a full intruder protection system we can provide everything from advice to installation

Using a high quality brand of equipment we can protect your property to any specification, the cameras we use can have the following specifications; high resolution imagery, IP Rated, up to a 30 M range, wide dynamic range, 3D digital noise reduction, support on board storage up to 128 GB and night vision. The hard drive we provide can have anything from 1TB to 4TB worth of storage and the monitors can be 18” HDMI, 22” HDMI, 23.8” HDMI or 28” 4K resolution

Protecting your property may not be at the top of your list when it come to priorities but if we look at these figures from the office of national statistics it may change your mind!

(figures from Oct ’16 – Sept ’17, incidents in thousands)


Theft of personal property


Criminal damange


Violence without Injury


Vehicle related theft


Domestic Burglary

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