Fire Alarms

Fire alarms in Milton Keynes and thoughout the UK  can be supplied, installed and serviced by Fire and Electrical Safety Ltd.

A fire alarm is the most important safety device within any home, office or business. These alarm systems can prevent damage, death and emotional trauma.

When planning to install a fire alarm, there are some points that first need to be considered. First of all, the size of the home, office or business must be evaluated.

Generally, stand alone smoke alarms should be installed near sleeping areas if in a home, or a fire alarm system comprising of smoke detectors, heat detectors and audio/visual devices if in a business environment. The number of detectors needed depends on the number of offices, rooms or compartments within the area.

This is because in the event of a fire, the smoke will need to reach the device to activate it and the quicker this is achieved the sooner the alarm can be raised to the fire brigade and less damage caused.

Fire detection and warning is essential in protecting your staff and building from the devastating effects of a fire. A well maintained fire alarm system can provide the time to facilitate the safe and effective evacuation of people from the building.
Automatic fire detection is crucial in determining the source of a fire and alerting building users of its presence.

British Standards 5839-1:2017 recommends that a fire alarm system is maintained every 12 months and that an interim service should be carried out every 6 months.

A visit from one of our qualified engineers will ensure that your system is fully functional and ready for use. We will also train your staff to carry out weekly tests of the fire alarm and to minimise false alarms.

Our professionals are installing Fire Alarms in Milton Keynes and other local areas all the time and will help you make the best decision in order to keep your building safe, and your insurance premiums low.

Fire & Electrical Safety Ltd use a computerised maintenance management system to ensure all maintenance and service visits are carried out on time. Due to the legal responsibility related to fire safety work, it is essential that all works are carried out on time and documented.

Fire & Electrical Safety Ltd’s maintenance management system helps our clients to fulfil their legal responsibility under the FSO (Fire Safety Order 2005). Should a fire incident occur at your property the fire authorities will inspect all fire safety documentation to ensure all was in order before the incident.

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