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A fire risk assessment is a legal requirement for anyone that owns, manages or operates a business.

There are safety regulations which were put into place within the United Kingdom in 2006 which every business needs to comply with. Reducing the risk of fire as well as fire prevention is the largest concern of the Fire Safety Order, and one element of that are the fire risk assessments.

Business owners in and around the all around the United Kingdom who employ people, and companies who are responsible for the safety of commercial buildings are expected to carry out a mandatory fire risk assessment in order to identify the potential risks and hazards that are present in the building or workplace.

For businesses which employ five or more people, the fire risk assessment needs to be recorded. It is essential that business owners eliminate or reduce the risk of fire and provide those who work in the building with a public safety system, proper safety training, and fire precautions in order to deal with any risks.

Fire Risk

Additional measures must also be taken into consideration in order to ensure safety, such as putting into place safety measure when using products which may contain or use flammable and explosive materials. Emergency plans are also needed in order to deal with any emergency that may occur and to prevent the inevitable.

Whilst fire risk assessments throughout the UK are mandatory, there are other responsibilities a business owner must undertake which include maintaining all of the fire precautions and facilities that are used by fire fighters. In addition, the findings and results that are obtained from the fire risk assessment must also be kept so that they can be reviewed at a later date. Once the assessment is finished, it is then the responsibility of the business owner to carry out the plan in order to ensure everyone’s safety.

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