Emergency exit

Emergency Lighting Designs and Products

Emergency lighting designs are mandatory by law in most of the countries in the world. They are vital in commercial and industrial premises in order to let people safely escape the building in case of emergency situations, fire or loss of power. Emergency lighting design is the act of designing the back-up lighting system so that exits from a building are clearly defined for people to safely follow directions to these exits during an emergency.

All buildings must follow certain lighting standards to facilitate the safety of its occupants in emergency situations. This type of work is performed by a specialist lighting company such as Fire & Electrical Safety Ltd familiar with all the requirements stipulated by the British Standards BS 5266. Such lighting systems should include battery backups so the lighting will be working for a sustained period of time in case of an emergency resulting in total power loss. Emergency lighting service providers should be qualified and insured to carry out such duties but it’s always advised to check the company out properly! They should employ professionally trained technicians who are up-to-date with the most modern systems in the market in order to handle the installation of such systems.

Emergency lighting installations should be done only by companies that are specialised in performing such work. During an emergency situation, hundreds of lives would depend on the emergency lighting system functioning without any problem. What if the lighting system is to malfunction during an emergency? What will happen to the inhabitants of such a premises? This is why it is extremely important to select a professionally qualified and experienced service provider to install the emergency lighting systems in your building. Who knows! It could finally help to save thousands of lives during an emergency situation.

Some buildings are situated in areas under threat of frequent flooding, or simply experience snow, dew or rain on a regular basis. Their emergency lighting design should reflect this.

Emergency Lighting InstallationThere are combination lighting devices which come under multi-functional emergency lighting design products. These systems have additional features such as built-in radio, built-in GPS navigational units and USB charging units.

This is extremely helpful during emergency situations as most people would lose access to these kinds of services in a crisis.

These latest products will help the lighting provider to install high quality systems in your premises. Fire & Electrical Safety LTD provide solutions for emergency lighting in Milton Keynes and surrounding areas so please contact us to discuss your own needs.