Fire Extinguisher Installation

Fire Extinguishers should normally be sited on escape routes on all floors at ‘fire points’. They should be fixed in a location where the extinguisher can be reached quickly and the best place is near a fire exit leading to a place of safety, on an escape route or adjacent to a specific risk. Extinguishers should be fixed where they can be easily seen. Fire extinguisher installations inside cupboards or behind doors will only waste valuable time if a fire breaks out. Do not place them over cookers or heaters or in places of extreme temperatures, hot or cold.

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The following factors should also be considered when siting fire extinguishers:

  • Extinguishers should be fixed at an elevated height, so that the carrying handle is 1m from the floor for heavier units and 1.5m for smaller units. For special risks they should be fitted adjacent to the risk but not too close to prevent use in the event of fire occurring.
  • They should be near the door, in shallow recesses and away from extremes of temperature.
  • Ensure a maximum 30m travel distance from a fire to an extinguisher.
  • The method of operation should be similar for all extinguishers, where possible.
  • The occupiers should be capable of handling all the types and sizes recommended.
  • Where different types such as water extinguishers or foam extinguishers for different risk types are sited together they must be properly labeled with ID signage to prevent confusion.
  • Fire extinguisher servicing is also important not only to maintain the units but also to insure they are in position and mounted correctly.