Fire Extinguisher Sales

When you are looking to buy fire fighting equipment for your business it is the job of a company like ours to sell and supply the appropriate equipment for your premises and the activities that are carried out there.

In order for us to carry out the sales part we need to know what type of extinguishers to sell you. This is not for us to recommend as each business is unique, the fire hazards that your business is at risk from are unique and a full assessment must be carried out to assess the latter in order to identify the former.

Fire risk assessments identify these risks along with the way that you can best remove or reduce the chance of a fire occurring and the chance of people getting hurt if it does occur.

Extinguishers do not play a part in prevention but they do play a part in early intervention or ensuring that staff and visitors can get out safely in event of a fire. Certain extinguishers work on certain fires and if you use the wrong one on the wrong fire this could increase the chance of people getting hurt in a fire. So it is important that we sell you the right extinguishers.

Fire Extinguisher Supply

Selling them is just the start. Supplying them ensures that the right extinguishers end up in the right place in your property according to legislation and to your fire risk assessments. Simply standing them in a corner is not sufficient; they need to be displayed appropriately.

Actually supplying them to you is just the start. They will hopefully never be used after you have invested in them but if they are needed then you need to be sure that they will work so we are on hand to maintain them at regular intervals providing you with the correct paperwork so you can prove your due diligence.

It is also wise to ensure your staff are trained in the usage of them. We at Fire & Electrical Safety Limited are on hand to supply all the services mentioned in this article.