Fire Risk Assessments Milton Keynes

purpose of fire risk assessments Milton Keynes

The purpose of fire risk assessments is to assess and reduce the risk of fire to ensure the safety of the people using the premises. We are based in Milton Keynes and offer a local service provided by a qualified and experienced team.

As an employer (and/or building owner or occupier) you are required to carry out a fire safety risk assessment and keep it up to date.

Based on the findings of the fire risk assessment, employers need to ensure that adequate and appropriate fire safety measures are in place to minimise the risk of injury or loss of life in the event of a fire.

In order to help prevent a fire in the workplace your fire risk assessment needs to identify what could cause a fire to start (for example a spark), substances that burn, and people who may be at risk.

Fire Risk Assessments Milton Keynes

Once the risks are identified, the appropriate action can be taken to control them. It may be possible to avoid them altogether or, if this is not possible, how the risks can be reduced and managed. Consideration must also be given to how you will protect people if there is a fire.

While it is possible for you to carry out the fire risk assessment yourself or nominate a competent person within your organisation, if you prefer you to use an experienced 3rd party we can help.


What 3 things are needed for a fire need to start?

A source of ignition (for example matches, electrical equipment), a source of fuel (for example wood, paper) and a source of oxygen.

Do I need to carry out a fire risk assessment?

All employers and or building occupiers or owners are required to carry out a fire risk assessment. If your business has 5 or more employees, the fire risk assessment should be recorded.

Do I have to do the fire risk assessment myself?

You can do the fire risk assessment yourself or if you don’t have the time or expertise you can appoint a ‘competent person’ such as a professional risk assessor.

What is involved in a fire risk assessment?

A fire risk assessment includes identifying the potential fire hazards and the people at risk. Evaluating, reducing or removing the risks. Recording the findings, creating an emergency plan and providing training. Regular reviews and updates of the fire risk assessment.

Will I need to buy fire extinguishers following a fire risk assessment?

A fire risk assessment will identify how many and which type of fire extinguisher is required.

Some of the things covered by a fire risk assessment include:

  • keeping sources of ignition and flammable substances apart,
  • avoiding accidental fires, for example making sure heaters cannot be knocked over
  • ensuring good housekeeping at all times to avoid a build-up of rubbish that could burn, keeping equipment clean to reduce the risk of overheating
  • considering how to detect fires and how to warn people quickly if they start such as installing smoke alarms and fire alarms
  • having the correct fire-fighting equipment for putting a fire out quickly
  • keeping fire exits and escape routes clearly marked and unobstructed at all times
  • ensuring that your staff receive appropriate training on procedures that they need to follow, including fire drills

Once complete, they should be regularly reviewed, and changes made where necessary. This is particularly important as your business evolves and grows. If you would like to arrange a professional fire risk assessment in or around Milton Keynes please give us a call or complete our contact form.

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