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How To Ensure Your Christmas Tree Is Not A Fire Hazard

Have you put your Christmas tree up yet this year? It doesn’t seem like a danger does it? And it does not need to be if you do the right things. You can follow this link to see the highlights of a video that the fire service have been using to raise awareness to a fire hazard that is unique to Christmas.

As you can see it only takes a few seconds for the tree to turn into a fire that is out of control, a fire big enough to ruin your Christmas, your home or even hurt you or your family.

Your tree is a hazard because it is potential fuel should it ever come into contact with fire. The electrics that are draped around it are potential ignition sources which your risk assessment would normally tell you to keep part from ignition sources.

So, there are precautions that you can take this year to reduce or remove the risks the Christmas Tree presents to you and your family:

  • Do not keep any candles or open flames near the tree.
  • Do not keep the tree near any other heat source.
  • Water your tree so that the wood and pine needles continue to soak up moisture therefore reducing its flammability.
  • Ensure that any Christmas lighting conforms to British Safety Standards.
  • Do not overload your sockets with all the extra power use this Christmas.

Fire safety does not have to be complicated but it can be easily overlooked with all the other preparations, activities and social occasions going on at this time of year. To help you plan you can access our Christmas Risk Assessment for your home with guidance notes:

From us here at Fire & Electrical Safety Ltd we wish you a Happy Christmas and New Year! Stay safe.