How Wireless Fire Alarms Can Help Protect Your Business

If you do not have adequate fire alarms in your business, you could be risking a great deal. If you are looking to upgrade or buy one for the first time here’s a look at how wireless fire alarms can protect your business.

You cannot really be assured that your inventory, supplies, employees and customers are safe.

Disadvantages Of Hard-Wired Alarm Systems

  • They are not as effective as detecting the first signs of smoke or flames early.
  • Many of the older models rely on mains power from the building only, and they will not function if you lose power.
  • Due to the extensive wiring required to connect all units, once installed the whole system is fixed in place so you cannot move them without a lot of trouble. This can be a problem if your business has flexible and changing needs.
  • One of the worst problems with older fire alarms is a false alarm. Some of these older devices have so many false positives that employees are tempted to turn them off or ignore them when there really is a problem.

There can be other problems with older fire alarms. If any of these problems sound familiar, you might want to consider replacing them as soon as possible. Replacing fire alarms is not expensive when you consider the alternative, and the safety they provide makes their purchase a prudent choice for smart business people.

Advantages Of Newer Wireless Alarms

  • The new style of wireless fire alarms is a much better alternative to older alarms or nothing at all! For one thing, they do not rely upon building power, but on their own internal batteries. If the batteries begin to weaken, they will emit a fault on the panel that lets you know it is time to get fresh batteries.
  • They are also better at sorting out actual smoke or fire from debris and other contaminants in the air that might register for a false alarm. You can be more assured that when there is an alarm, it is something that everybody should promptly attend to. You won’t have multiple false alarms disrupting your business and alarming your employees and customers.
  • These wireless fire alarms are also easy to move, and many of the better models are capable of covering a very large area. This makes them ideal for stores, factories, or even HMO’s. Yes, many of the more sophisticated models are even good to use in outdoor areas like concerts, festivals, or auto lots. If you need a large area covered, you should consider the advantages of sophisticated wireless fire alarm system. We can recommend the right model for your own unique business.

Are You Ready To Protect Your Business With a Wireless Fire Alarm System?

Many business property insurers will offer discounts to companies that install good safety systems on their property. That is because insurance companies already know that early detection of smoke or fire is the best way to prevent damage injuries. You may offset the cost of the new alarms in a few months because of your discount.

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