Newport Pagnell Washing Machine Fire

Newport Pagnell House Fire caused by Washing Machine

A recent fire involving a washing machine in Newport Pagnell near Milton Keynes has prompted Bucks Fire and Rescue to urge people to check their appliances.

Fire crews were called to the property in the evening after the householder noticed smoke coming from the washing machine’s control panel. The 999 control room operator advised the family to leave the premises after closing the kitchen door to limit the impact of smoke and fire to the kitchen.

The fascia of the washing machine and the worktop above were damaged. Luckily, because it was spotted early no one was harmed in the fire.

The incident highlighted two important fire safety points:

Firstly, the importance of only using appliances such as dishwashers, tumble dryers and washing machines during the hours when you are at home and awake. This way you can respond quickly to any early signs of a fire developing. If you run these electrical items when you are asleep at night, or out of the house during the day, there is a risk that a fire could become more established without being noticed potentially putting you, your family and your home in danger.

The other point is that it is vital to register your electrical appliances when you purchase them. This means that if any issues emerge with the model that you own manufacturers and distributors can trace you. If a problem has been identified, you can be contacted, and the necessary action can be taken to rectify the issue, or the product may be recalled.

In the case of the fire in Newport Pagnell, the washing machine concerned was sold by Argos who later withdrew it due to concerns that a component in the control panel could overheat, leading to a risk of fire.

Registering your appliances doesn’t take long and can also give you access to extended warranties and other benefits. Don’t be put off from registering if you bought your appliance second hand, appliances up to 12 years old may be registered on the Register My Appliance website here.

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