PAT Testing Price Indicative Of Quality

In recent times there has been a massive downward slide in charges made by some of our competitors for PAT Testing and there has been an even more significant slide in the quality of work carried out by these people as PAT testing price reflects the service you can expect to receive. Although the tests which the PAT instrument carries out are important, by far the most important aspect of the inspection and test is the visual inspection. We have come across many PAT Testing companies who carry out no visual inspection whatsoever. This is evidenced by;

a)  The fact that plug-top seals (where fitted) have not been removed

b)  Wrong sized fuses are fitted in plug-tops

c)  Detachable items not inspected or tested separately

d)  Hard-wired items affixed with PAT labels (these are not portable appliances and cannot be tested as PAT)

e) Reports of engineers just writing out labels and sticking them on items without testing at all.

PAT testing prices will reflect which of the above you are likely to get. Many of our competitors engineers are paid on a “fee per item tested” basis. This only works as an incentive to do  the maximum numbers tests in the minimum amount of time.

Where is the quality control? Why would you pay for a job not done properly?

Our team are paid a salary so you can be assured that a top service is provided every time. Our engineers  can be called in by any nominated person in the areas of Milton Keynes, Aylesbury, Bedford, Oxford, Luton and Northampton.

A manufacturer of PAT testing equipment approached us recently trying to sell us new PAT testing equipment, claiming that with his machine he has clients that regularly carry out 500 tests a day. That’s just impossible if the job’s done properly. That would be a complete test every 1 minute and 12 seconds in a 10 hour day on site.


One complete test every 57 seconds in an 8 hour day without a break.

Don’t run the risk of being seduced by cheap PAT testing prices and not having a proper service done. You need to call in professionals such as Fire and Electrical Safety Ltd, operating in areas around Milton Keynes, Leighton Buzzard, Dunstable, Newport Pagnell, Northampton and Buckingham.

It’s our ability to listen to our customers requirements and deliver cost effective solutions every time that has gained us many contracts and has left all our customers feeling very happy and secure.