Spate Of Arson Attacks In Milton Keynes

There were three arson attacks in Milton Keynes in the Eaglestone area of Milton Keynes in the early hours of Monday morning. Two cars and lorry were set alight and there was fire damage done to a house where a mother lived with her three children lives, but no one was hurt.

At home or in your business, many causes of fire can be guarded against with good common sense and some fire risk assessment knowledge, but arson is a bit of wild card.

Arson is a cause of fire that is not easily predicted but the potential damage and threat to life can be managed. Common choices for arsonists are cars and bins so as long as they are not too close to the house the fire will not pose a serious threat. Any shrubbery near the house is best kept watered in the dry season to avoid any chance of being set alight.

As a business owner, by training your employees in fire safety awareness and instilling a good fire safety culture, you are not only protecting your business but also the community. These are skills at work that people can use at home to prevent fire and prevent people getting hurt if a fire does occur.

It may encourage people to check their smoke alarms at home, to purchase the right kind of fire extinguishers and confidence in using them. They may be more likely to design an evacuation plan for their family to greater ensure everyone can escape to safety in event of a fire.

Even if your business is never threatened by fire, you may help save lives and property outside of your business which in itself protects the community against the heinous crime of arson. We can provide such advice and services to create and improve upon your fire safety culture.