The Importance of Regular Fire Alarm Servicing

The modern workplace needs to have a number of Smoke detectors and Call points around the building in order to comply with the latest legislation. However, it is not enough to just have these fire alarm devices, it is also necessary to have them regularly maintained and serviced. There are several good reasons why a company should take a special interest in regular fire alarm servicing inside their properties.

The most significant reason is Fire Code Guidance, specifically British Standard 5839, Clause 44. In this clause, any fire alarm systems must be given a full service, in order to identify faults and other problems which could prevent the fire alarm from working properly in an emergency. This regular servicing must also occur in order to comply with BS5839, and if maintenance is not carried out, the fire alarm systems will fail to comply.

Fire alarm servicing needs to be done on a regular basis in order to ensure that all the parts are working correctly. In a standard office building, fire alarms and detectors can become clogged up with dust and particles. This affects the ability of the detector to pick up traces of smoke and heat. In addition, the working parts of the alarm can also become dirty restricting its activation or causing false alarms.

Another good reason why fire alarm servicing is so important is the age of the systems. Although the standard function of a fire alarm will not change, the design and sophistication of the alarm system can. There may now be better designed fire alarm systems and smoke detectors which could help make the building safer, or which will not be affected by industrial machinery and cause false alarms. Maintaining the fire alarm could reveal hidden flaws in the system which could affect the safety of the entire building and everyone inside.

If you would like to find out more, or would like to have one of our engineers visit you for an inspection of your fire alarm systems, please get in touch.