Warehouse Fire

Warehouse Worker Puts Out Fire

This recent story of a member of staff extinguishing a fire in the warehouse at his place of work is a reminder of the importance of the presence of fire extinguishers in the workplace. You can read more here.

As well as having fire extinguishers available it is vital that staff feel competent in operating them and know which one to use. In an emergency situation it is easy for panic to set in and our experience in this area has shown us that generally people don’t understand which fire extinguisher class they should use, or what the different classes mean.

We can help you on both counts.

Firstly, we can visit your premises, carry out a full assessment of your business’s specific needs and offer a tailored solution to help keep you, your employees and your premises safe.

We can also offer training that helps to educate you and your employees on everything you need to know to stay safe on one of our fire training courses. We provide practical training which can teach your employees the basics of practical fire safety. This training includes:

– Different types of fire extinguishers and their use
– The safety precautions that should be taken prior to using fire fighting equipment
– The use of the available fire fighting equipment
– The potential risks of using fire fighting equipment
– Requirements in relation to correctly servicing and checking fire fighting equipment

We also offer Fire Warden Training. This is generally provided to designated people within your organisation and aims to provide them with the knowledge to carry out their Fire Warden role effectively. This training includes:

– Assisting with fire prevention
– Main responsibility for ensuring that staff and visitors to the premises evacuate the building safely in the event of a fire
– Assisting with the development of an emergency plan
– Carrying out regular visual inspections to ensure that all fire safety equipment is up to standard

This work based training can help people to stay calm and feel confident to take the correct action in an emergency.

Established in 2010, we have built a reputation for offering our clients a friendly and professional service of the highest standards. Our engineers and instructors are fully trained and have a vast range of knowledge and expertise. Please get in touch to discuss how our experience can help you and your employees stay safe in the event of a fire.