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What does it mean to be NICEIC accredited?

There’s no doubt that you may have seen us talking about NICEIC on our website and across our social media channels – but do you know why? As an organisation that is committed to excellence across all areas, we strive for ways in which we can constantly measure our skill and expertise in line with the highest industry standards. As a regulator of electrical contracting standards, NICEIC allows us to prove our merit in electrical installations. By using NICEIC, we’re constantly monitored against the highest level of industry standards.

Who are NICEIC?

The National Inspection Council for Electrical Installation Contracting (NICEIC) is a well renowned voluntary body that regulates training and works for electrical contractors and firms across the UK. The body was first incorporated in 1956 and just two years later, they had a roster of 3,500 approved contractors. By 1997, that list had over doubled to 10,790. In 2000, NICEIC had become a UKAS accredited certification body. 4 years later and NICEIC had over 27,000 approved reinterested contractors, highlighting how much the industry has grown.

What do they do?

NICEIC arrange assessments and certification services for contractors in a number of building disciplines including electrical, renewable energy installing, plumbing, as well as gas and heating engineering. As a third-party service, NICEIC provides an unbiased and objective assessment of contractors. As a result, customers receive a consistent and excellent standard of work. These standards all meet a strict criterion of up to date governmental legislation as well as a higher standard of general excellence.

 What does it mean for you?

Hiring an NICEIC approved contractor is one way to give yourself peace of mind when you require electrical installation works. Providing an outstanding level of customer service is critical for any business and NICEIC is no different. NICEIC continually listen to customers in a commitment to provide the best responses to the market. They promise to only accredit contractors that can provide products and services that are specially designed to meet the unique needs of the customer. 

What does it mean for us?

NICEIC allows us to prove beyond doubt that we provide an excellent and professional standard of electrical servicing work. Being NICEIC accredited means we can constantly assess ourselves against the industry standards and make sure we’re doing everything we should be to give you the best level of service. As NICEIC are constantly reinventing their levels of service standards, you can be assured that we trained and equipped accordingly to produce a service that is in line with your needs.

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