When Did Your Business Last Have A Fire Risk Assessment?

Businesses and commercial property owners have a responsibility to ensure that Fire Risk Assessments are conducted regularly, especially when changes have been made to the building, the staff and sometimes even if you have introduced new product lines. UK laws require that property owners make sure that their buildings are properly checked for fire risks, and that a professional or competent person is employed to take this assessment. Employing a company with a background in fire management will ensure that the assessment will be thorough, and will help the business to reduce the risk of fires. That’s what Fire and Electrical Services Ltd is here for.

The owners of buildings, employers within the building, and people supervising the workplace are all deemed to be responsible for implementing fire safety regulations, according to the Fire Safety Reform Order of 2005. These people should make sure that they take the time to conduct a proper fire risk assessment, either through their own staff, or through employing a specialist company. As there are so many time and resources constraints upon fulfilling the demands of the assessment, companies usually rely upon fire specialists like us to complete the task on their behalf.

The Fire Risk Assessment will take into account a variety of different elements within the workplace. They will consider the age of the property, and any fire escapes or safety routes. They will also look at the fire signage and emergency lighting surrounding the fire escapes. Emergency lighting is important here, as it may be the only means of illuminating corridors and halls in the event of a fire or power cut. In addition, the assessor will also look at the people working in the environment, assessing their skills and their ability to escape in time. They will also look at potential fire risks such as ignition points and flammable materials. The assessors will then combine all these elements to work out any deficiencies in the current fire precautions on the property. Call us today and we can arrange for an assessor to visit you.