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Are Air Fryers a Fire Hazard?


Is the safety of air fryers overlooked?

In the last couple of years, air fryers have exploded in popularity and haven taken their place in households up and down the UK. With the benefit of healthier eating and ease of use, people are relying on this new kitchen gadget when making meals.

As popularity has increased, demand has too. Some retailers have started to offer air fryers at a surprisingly low cost. So, we started to think, if an air fryer is cheaply made, how serious of a fire hazard can it pose?

If cheap materials are used, or shortcuts are taken with the electrical elements of the product, the reliability of the product needs to be questioned. Without durable, high-quality materials and thorough testing, low-priced air fryers can be subject to hazards that can lead to a fire. With air fryers often being placed on kitchen countertops, there’s an increased opportunity for flames to spread even quicker.

We have a look at the dangers that have been seen with air fryers, and what steps and safety measures you can keep in mind to be confident using your air fryer in the safest manner possible.

Recall alert over certain air fryers

Recently in the news, we’ve seen a recall order for Insignia air fryers due to fire hazards. Being a low-priced air fryer option, they’ve seen issues that have led to melting, shattering glass and catching on fire. More specifically, overheating issues with these products have led to the handles melting or breaking, which can cause dangerous burn and fire risks. These overheating issues can also cause glass on the product to shatter.

This is incriminating evidence into the possible dangers that low-budget air fryers can pose. To keep safe when using your air fryer, there are precautionary measures for you to keep in mind to ensure that any fire hazards that present themselves are immediately addressed.

Safety features of air fryers and best practises

For air fryers that are more advanced, and are built with fire safety in mind, pricier versions have measures to keep you safer. Some models have temperature controls, so it knows when it is getting too hot. By being able to measure the temperature of the product, this reduces the risk of overheating, which has been seen with the Insignia products that have been recalled.

Some models have automatic shut off features. This is quite useful in case you forget about the product whilst juggling tasks. This is an important safety feature that minimises unnecessary usage of the product, keeping your kitchen safe.

Certain air fryers also have cool-touch exteriors. As seen with the recalled products, overheating led to handles melting and falling off. To combat that issue, other air fryer products include materials that keep a constant cool-touch, to eliminate any burn risks.

Whilst slightly more expensive air fryers will have better features to reduce fire risk, there are still things to keep in mind, regardless of which air fryer you have. Reading and following the instructions that come with the product is a great start. They are created to help you stay safe and use the product in the way it is designed to be used. By following these instructions, you can maximise safety by only using the product to the limitations that the manufacturer suggests.

Where you use your air fryer is more important than you may think. Firstly, it needs to be kept away from any flammable materials, due to the possible issue of overheating. This will reduce the risk of air fryers starting a fire with any nearby materials. Next, they need to be used on a stable, heat resistant surface. A surface that can’t handle the heat that air fryers can produce can lead to melting and burning, which are massive fire risks. Having space around the sides and back of the air fryer helps with cooling, too.

Regularly maintaining your air fryer will keep it clean and sparkly and reduce fire risk. Any build up of oil and food can present a risk, as it can be fuel for a fire. Keeping your air fire clean will prevent this and as an added bonus, give you nicer food!

Lastly, when you use your air fryer, never leave it unattended. It’s important to make sure that you are aware of the air fryer’s status when in use, so that you can identity any potential fire risks that could emerge.

What to do in the event of an air fryer fire

If a fire does emerge from an air fryer, it’s vital to have a fire extinguisher nearby. You also need to ensure that you use the right fire extinguisher for the situation, as using the wrong extinguisher can lead to a more dire situation. If it is safe to do so, try and unplug the appliance, and never use water to extinguish and electrical fire.

Air fryers can be safe and incredibly useful when they are used properly and adequately. By following our tips, your awareness and adherence to safety precautions will make you more aware of any fire hazards that an air fryer can cause.

If you’re considering purchasing an air fryer, we encourage you to do your research, choosing a product that is safer and includes more robust safety features.