Aylesbury Fire Caused by Tumble Drier

Aylesbury Fire Caused by Tumble Drier

Two fire crews from Aylesbury responded to a call at Stadium Approach recently due to a fire in a tumble drier late at night. The fire was out by the time the crews arrived, but they removed the tumble drier from the house into the garden and worked to clear the smoke.

No one was harmed as the smoke alarms alerted the occupier of the property and the kitchen door had been shut which prevented the smoke from spreading throughout the house. A reminder of the importance of regularly checking to make sure your smoke alarms are in good working order.

It is thought that the fire started due to a fault with the belt of the tumble drier. Watch Commander Jamie Ewers said “I would like to remind everyone who uses electrical appliances such as tumble driers, dishwashers and washing machines that we advise you only use them when you are home and able to respond to the early signs of a fire developing”

Some other safety tips to consider when using your tumble drier are below:

– Never cover the vent or any other opening.

– Remove the lint form the trap after each load of clothes is dried

– Make sure that the vent pipe is not crushed in any way and is free of kinks

– Warm air should be vented to the outside of the building

– If you have any concerns about your tumble drier have it checked by a professional before continuing to use it.

For safe operation of all your domestic appliances remember to register them so that you can be contacted by the manufacturer in the event of any safety issues being identified.

We are happy to offer fire safety and electrical safety advice, please get in touch with our friendly team if we can help in any way.