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Barbecue Fire Safety Tips


As spring arrives and along with it the sunshine, our thoughts turn to spending time outside and eating al fresco. Barbecues are great fun, but they also have their own unique fire risks and result in a number of accidents each year. If you are planning a barbecue, whether with family and friends at home, or perhaps with colleagues as a workplace get together, we have some tips to helps you have an enjoyable and safe time.

  1. Think carefully about where you position your barbecue. It should be at least 10 feet away from your house or premises. If at home be sure to also stay away from garden sheds and garages as well as trees.
  2. Check your barbecue is stable and in good condition and be sure to place it on level ground.
  3. Never use petrol or methylated spirit to get the barbecue going, this can cause it to ‘explode’ in your face.
  4. Clean your grill regularly as built up fat and grease will provide fuel for a fire and grease can be a source of flare ups.
  5. If you are cooking with a gas barbecue check for leaks at the hoses and connections.
  6. If you have decorated the space with bunting, or other decorations, or have soft furnishing or parasols nearby make sure they are a safe distance from the barbecue.
  7. It’s a good precaution to keep a spray bottle of water handy, in the case of a flare up you can use the spray to calm it without spoiling the food.
  8. Never leave your barbecue unattended, even for a few seconds.
  9. Take extra care if there are young children around, they may not understand the potential danger. This also applies to pets.
  10. Never use a barbecue inside.
  11. Use long handled tools so that you don’t have to get too close.
  12. Take care to ensure that the barbecue is fully extinguished before leaving it unattended.
  13. If you are drinking alcohol leave the barbecuing to someone else. Drinking will affect your judgement and co-ordination.

If you would like any further advice regarding fire safety or require any information on fire risk assessments at home or in the workplace, please get in touch.