Industrial Electrical Installation

Energy Saving Tips for Industrial Environments


As the world continues to focus on saving energy and renewable power generation to combat climate change and increasing energy costs, we have some tips to help you save energy in an industrial environment.

Turning off lights is one of the easiest ways to save on energy but it’s surprising how often significant numbers of lights are left on, even when there is no one present. This can also be an issue when staff are moving in and out of numerous buildings and rooms as they go about their working day. Automated lighting systems that make adjustments based on the room’s occupancy or daylight availability can be an ideal solution. Another option is motion detector sensors that switch lights on only when the area is in use. Both can offer significant savings on energy consumption

Making sure that machinery and equipment is shut down when not in use may sound obvious but can result in serious cost savings over time. It is worth considering giving 1 or 2 employees the role of walking through your premises at the end of the day to ensure that all the equipment is powered down overnight.

Regular cleaning and maintenance of mechanical and electrical equipment will contribute to optimising the lifespan of the equipment as well as its performance. Both of which can result in energy efficiency savings.

Replace your exiting light with LED.  LED bulbs require significantly less energy than traditional bulbs and can last significantly longer. This makes them the obvious choice when workspaces need suitable and ample lighting.

Make use of natural airflow Opening a window, or if appropriate a door is a simple way to help reduce heating and or air conditioning costs by making the most of natural ventilation for climate control.  Whilst this is subject to the weather, it is an option that can be utilised for at least parts of the year.

On the same subject upgrading to a new heating or cooling system can result in significant savings. If your current system is older than 10 years replacing it with a new, energy efficient systems will result in significant savings. Don’t forget the thermostat either, a slight adjustment of just a couple of degrees can reduce your energy consumption significantly over a 12 month period.

We are professionals in industrial electrical installation and would be very happy to help with any enquiries you may have in relation to any energy efficiency or other industrial electrical requirements. We have experience of working in arrange of environments including warehouses, factories, manufacturing plants and distribution centres with an emphasis on working around your day to day operations wherever possible.

If required, we can assess your building and advise on the work required to improve energy efficiency to help you achieve your sustainability goals and suggest systems to help minimise your energy consumption.