Fatality After A House Fire In Milton Keynes

A woman tragically died in a house fire in Milton Keynes earlier this month. Three fire crews were deployed from Bletchley, Broughton and Great Holm. Crews found the body after being deployed inside to search the bungalow and extinguish the fire.

Fire alarms were found to be operating on entry but did not prove to be enough to save the woman’s life. An inquest is being conducted.

Whether at home or in business, no one measure is enough to protect you, your family or your employees from fire. It must be a co-ordinated effort between many factor of a fire safety management system.

At the core of this is your fire risk assessment as this will determine the other appropriate factors of that system and will also help you with confidence that each factor employed is the most appropriate.

For example, if you have a fire alarm or smoke alarm fitted – is it sufficient to warn every one in the premises no matter where they are or what they are doing? Is there anyone there that is hard of hearing for example or using noisy machinery. If this is the case, would it be best to have a visual element to the alarm or at least to ensure that other family members or members of staff will ensure that they provide warning to the effected parties in event of an emergency, ensuring they are never on their own.

Working fire or smoke alarms are good, but how quick are they to respond? It only takes three lungfuls of toxic smoke to render an individual unconscious so you need to have the up-most confidence that your alarm is activated with enough warning for you and all others to escape to safety. Factors that effect this will be the positioning of the detectors, the right detectors in the right places according to activities that take place in those locations and regular testing to ensure they are activating properly.

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