Buckinghamshire & Milton Keynes Fire & Rescue Service False Alarm Statistics

We have been looking at the February 2015 list of the latest incidents in Buckinghamshire published by Bucksfire and we can see that there were over 128 false alarm call outs from automatic alarm systems that one or more fire crews attended.

  • 53 of these were in Milton Keynes
  • 25 of these in High Wycombe
  • 13 of these were in Aylesbury
  • 8 of these in Bletchely
  • 5 in Marlow
  • Only 2 in Buckingham

False alarms are a significant drain on resources and it is becoming more common for fire services around the country to start fining businesses for false alarm call outs. It is not just an expense thing either. Every crew attending a false alarm call out could be required to attend a real incident where lives and property are at risk. Automated systems are essential to guarding our lives and property but they have to be managed properly.

The causes of false alarms can often be prevented by ensuring the proper layout of your alarm system, by proper and regular analysis of business activities in areas of the building to ensure the alarm set up is still valid to usage and regular maintenance of the alarm system among other things that may be unique to your business.

That’s the sort of thing we do. We do not just install, we can maintain, monitor and adapt your alarm system or your entire fire safety management systems. Contact us today for advice today.