Fire in nearby field

Field Fire Forces The Evacuation of Luton Hospice

Keech Hospice Care in Luton was evacuated a few days ago due to a large fire in a neighbouring field. This just goes to show the importance of emergency procedure because as no matter your best efforts some things will always be out of your control when it comes to fire safety.

Bedfordshire Fire Service brought the blaze under control in roughly two hours, but the fire had spread towards the boundary fence of the Hospice grounds which made it necessary to evacuate patients and staff as a safety precaution.

The blaze was a large field fire and required six fire engines, two multi role vehicles, two rural water carriers and the incident command unit. Responsibilities were divided into two – one team to slow or prevent the fire from spreading to the hospice and other nearby houses and the other to tackle the actual blaze itself. Stopping the flames is one thing but the smoke is much harder to control and so smoke did eventually drift towards the hospice making it necessary to initiate their fire safety plan.

Fire safety plans require a fire risk assessment, fire detection, fire fighting equipment and a carefully worked out emergency procedure including escape plan and we feel this story is a good illustration of the importance of having every one of these aspects in play at all times as you never know what is going to happen. If you need any advice and guidance you know how to contact us.