75% of bedforshire home fire

75% Of A Bedfordshire Home Destroyed In A Fire

A home in Bedfordshire has been devastated by fire and took Bedfordshire Fire And Rescue Service two hours to bring under control while keeping neighbouring properties safe from the blaze. The fire seemed to have started in the shed at the rear of the property and spread to the house and things got a whole lot worse when the flames reached a newly filled fuel tank.

The occupier was okay but received burns. He was alerted to the fire by the sound of burning at the back of the property.

We do not know the finer details and so we are not being critical of this situation, but this story reminds us of some issues to bring up.

Fire needs an ignition source and fuel source to start so if these things are present in one place that area needs to be managed, even if that place is a shed:

  • Arrange the space so the two are not in contact.
  • Install an appropriate extinguisher.
  • Install a smoke alarm.
  • Have an emergency plan and ensure everyone is familiar with it.

It can seem like an awful lot to think about but once you have everything in place it can be very simple. We have created a domestic risk assessment for you to download to get you started:

Risk Assessment Form https://fireandelectrical.co.uk/docs/domestic-fire-risk-assessment-form.pdf

Risk Assessment notes https://fireandelectrical.co.uk/docs/domestic-fire-risk-assessment-notes.pdf