Luton ariport evac

Fire Safety Evacuation At Luton Airport

Luton Airport experienced a false alarm and had to conduct an emergency evacuation at lunchtime on March 28th. We do not know the reason for this false alarm and are not trying to criticise airport management as we have no doubt Luton Airport have a more than adequate set up. The point that we wish to explore is false alarms and the importance of fire drills.

False Alarms

Looking at a fire alarm going off unnecessarily in terms of a business premises as busy as Luton Airport can really put things in perspective as to the damage that such events can do to your business.

  • An airport runs to a very tight schedule and this schedule will need to be caught up on.
  • The more people involved in an evacuation, the more potentially upset customers.
  • Social media provides these customers a chance to spread this bad press.
  • Such bad press could limit short term income at least.
  • All this might effect the stress and well-being of your employees.
  • This could be very expensive.
  • If you experience false alarms then employees and visitors can become desinsitised to the sound which could increase the chance of slow reaction, damage and harm being done in event of a real fire.

Fire Drills

The regular practicing of fire drills in a business such as Luton Airport is inevitable and should be conducted in every business with more than a handful of employees as well as the likelihood of visitors. Regular rehearsal will diminish the risk of all of the above.

  • It will ensure that employees will act fast on discovery of a fire therefore minimising the damage and any harm caused.
  • It will ensure that employees will act fast on discovery of a false alarm to minimise the disruption to business practices.
  • The more rehearsed your employees are, the more sure of their actions they will be which will minimise stress or any other detrimental effects to their well-being.
  • The more sure your employees are in the way they handle an evacuation the better the impression on the customers and visitors effected by it.


If you experience false alarms then you should seek advice with a company such as Fire And Electrical Safety Limited as they can and should be prevented.

The regular practice of fire drills will educate your employees, create muscle memory and help iron out any potential wrinkles in your evacuation plans.