Fire Safety In The Workplace

All companies have a duty to try and reduce the risk of fires in the workplace. Fire Safety Acts and Orders in the last 10 years have placed the emphasis upon the role of business owners and managers in preventing fires. These laws apply to all kinds of companies, from large factories to small shops, to warehouses and hotels, and even to schools and churches. Essentially, anywhere that people might gather, or go to work, needs to implement these procedures.

Employers and those responsible for the buildings are required to take reasonable steps to prevent fires. This includes assessing the safety hazards in the workplace, particularly relating to the storage and use of flammable materials and liquids. The company must also name people who are going to be responsible for managing the risk, and pay particular attention to those who might be vulnerable due to disability, infirmity or problems in leaving their area of work quickly.

Employers must also assess the structures of their property, including any fire protection elements such as fire screens, fire doors, and other fire-stopping features. They will need to assess the active protection provided by devices such as smoke detectors, fire alarms, sprinklers and emergency lighting systems. This includes the maintenance and improvement of fire extinguishers and fire hoses. Employers will be responsible for ensuring that these devices are properly functional and are regularly maintained according to law.

The company will be responsible for ensuring that the fire protection system which they have in place are adequate for their workers and customers. This means that they will need to have fire risk assessment carried out, and to ensure that their evacuation plans or procedures are regularly updated in order to provide maximum protection. This will include regular fire drills, and a maintenance log book which prove that the fire equipment is kept in a good condition.

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