Why Your Business Needs A Fire Risk Assessment

If you own a business, lease a house, or perform other tasks which mean that the general public will be using buildings that belong to you, it is necessary to have regular fire risk assessments. This assessment is vital to protecting workers, visitors and members of the public, and has been required by law since 2006. Known as the Regulatory Reform Order (Fire Safety) 2005, this law means that businesses no longer need to have fire certificates, but instead must place emphasis upon fire prevention and safety. The change to the law also means that the fire brigade will no longer do this assessment, and the onus is instead upon the owner of the premises or a responsible person to employ the services of a qualified company such as Fire and Electrical Safety Ltd to carry out a fire risk assessment for them.

The purposes of the assessment is to ensure that you identify the fire risks present in your building, and then take the necessary steps to ensure that there is a limited risk of fire damage, and minimise the chances of injury or loss of life from fire. The fire risk assessment can also help you to reduce the potential financial losses which can result from a fire by ensuring all the correct safety measures are in place and in order.

If you have any involvement in commercial premises, or any public event, then you need to undertake a fire risk assessment. This is true whether you have offices or factories, shops or warehouses, or hotels, care homes or hostels. Hospitals and doctors clinics, as well as transport facilities must also undertake the assessment. If you are involved in running a village hall, sports centre or theatre, then you will also need to undertake a fire risk assessment.

You must do this assessment, it’s the law. If you will have 5 or more people on the premises, then the risk assessment must be in the form of a written document. Get in touch with Fire and Electrical Safety today, especially if you are in Milton Keynes, Northampton, Oxford, Bedford, Luton or Aylesbury and we will send someone out to you as soon as possible.