Fire ruins high street

Fire Safety & Prevention Is A Community Responsibility

Buckinghamshire and Milton Keynes fire service have their hands full investigating a fire that brought down two eighteenth century buildings on Sunday night. As you can see from the picture it has cause devastation although we are relieved to report there was no one hurt but many homes and businesses were effected.

The fire service are conducting an investigation and we do not wish to cast any aspersions as the knowledge we have is only what has been reported through major news channels, but a fire of this proportion really does demonstrate that fire prevention is not just a responsibility to yourself, your family, your business and your employees but it is a responsibility to the community too. There are the people who’s buildings are directly effected and damaged and then there are the neighbouring buildings that are effected while the remaining structures are made safe and then there are those who live and trade in the high street where business is effected while access to the immediate area is restricted.

A fire of this proportion has effected many people, not just the fire service who have to bring it under control and investigate the cause, not just the home owners but the neighbours too. Whether this is down to fault or an accident the better your fire safety plans are the less chance there is of inconvenience or devastation to you and your neighbours.

One of the residents summed up his sense of loss by saying “Everything you would expect to have in your home day to day, it’s not there anymore. I haven’t got a home.”

If your safety systems are well worked out, regularly rehearsed and reviewed then you can go about your business with a peace of mind. If there is something niggling about your fire safety procedures, about your safety equipment or even your paperwork and maintenance then we at Fire & Electrical Safety Limited are here to advise.