Milton Keynes Factory Fire
Milton Keynes Factory Fire

Logistic & Emotional Recovery Following Milton Keynes Fire

As you can imagine there are many fire hazards in a wood manufacturing factory, but as with any place, a thorough risk assessment with a clear action plan and working procedures fire risk can be managed. There was a fire at a factory in Milton Keynes on Friday 22nd and we do not know anything apart from the fact that it it is believed that the fire started in a room that collects saw dust. I am by no means casting any doubt on their fire safety procedures but reading an interview with the business owner I was struck by the emotional recovery from an incident such as this. He had to watch for six hours as 6 fire crews battled the blaze through the night and now he faces carrying the business forwards at the same time as picking up the pieces.

It is easy to think of fire safety procedures as a tedious distraction from your core business practices but when you think of the upheaval to yourself and everyone that works with you – both emotional and logistical. The interview noted that this Milton Keynes business have a set up that although this will take some time to recover no one will be made reduntant. This is to their credit as well as the fact that no one was hurt.

He also said that the crisis has instilled a ‘Dunkirk spirit’ amongst his employees. It is nice that people can come together after something like this happens but that probably just reveals a spirit that was already there.

The interview demonstrates how much uncertainty there is after something like this happens and this uncertainty is far more of a distraction than proper planning and prevention. If fire safety planning is too much for you alongside your normal business activities then we are happy to assist and show you how simple a fire safety plan can be.