Fire Safety Warnings From Bedfordshire Fire & Rescue

There has been a spate of outdoor fires in the countryside around Bedford this weekend and so Bedfordshire Fire & Rescue Service have issued some fire safety warnings.

It is British summer time and we are actually experiencing some sun which is exciting but don’t let that excitement carry you away from common sense or caution – the grass and vegetation is dry and there is a higher risk of our mistakes turning into a disaster.

Fires occur in the countryside more often than you are probably aware, but every year fire destroys thousands of acres of wildlife habitats. Some of this is unfortunately deliberate but some of it is accidental and can be avoided.

Bedfordshire Fire Service’s principle fire safety advice is as follows:

  • Cigarettes should be distinguished thoroughly and not thrown on the ground or out of the car window.
  • Don’t leave your litter behind, particularly glass bottles, as sunlight shining through can cause ignition.
  • Do not leave barbecues unattended and keep them off the grass and downwind of any overhanging foliage, tents or fencing.
  • Avoid open fires and if they are necessary ensure they are in safe area, cleared of long grass, away from any foliage and tents. Fire extinguishers of some description at hand would be an advantage.
  • Any fire bigger than a bucket of water can extinguish should be left to the fire service.
  • Report any smoke or fires in the countryside immediately.

If you are having any outdoors events with your business then you should conduct a full fire risk assessment and then take any precautions that this highlights. This is a legal requirement, a community responsibility as well as for the safety of all those present.

With that all said, we at Fire And Electrical Safety Limited wish you a fun and crisis free summer with your businesses or with your families!