Luton House Fire Possibly Caused By Overheating Mobile Phone

Our mobile phones are with us all the time so that we do not really think about them. How many times have you patted yourself down, thrown cushions or bed covers one way or the other because you can’t remember where your phone is?

We are reporting on this story – a house fire in Luton – that fire crews suspect was started by a phone under a duvet that overheated in the hope it will make you more aware of where your electronic devices are when you are not using them. We do not only mean mobiles, we are talking about laptops, tablets, game consoles and any other electronic devices that you use for business or pleasure.

  • When leaving your device between uses ensure it is switched off or ventilated so it cannot over heat – do not over it.
  • Do not leave them sitting on flammable surfaces.
  • Do not leave them switched on when unsupervised.
  • Do not leave them charging when unsupervised.
  • Do not use knock-off chargers – check for branding, CE marks and ensure they plug in properly before you use them.

The occupants of the house were saved during this incident by smoke alarms in the property so they were able to get out in time which is always good to see which highlights the importance of another electrical precaution and that is to check the batteries of your smoke alarm on a weekly basis – link it to another weekly event so you do it before a regular appointment or in the advert break of a weekly TV show or something.

When a fire alarm goes off in your business everyone is prepared – as they are trained in evacuation procedures, this need not be different at home – ensure all members of the household know where any fire extinguishers are as well as how and when to use them, how to get out, where to assemble once out of the house so everyone else knows they are safe and to call 999 as soon as they can.