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The Importance of Having Effective Fire Safety Measures in Place

This recent news story about an accidental fire at a hotel in Powys is a good example of the difference effective fire safety measures can make. Happily, in this case the fire was brought under control by the fire service, and no one was hurt. In fact, the risk of fire damage and danger to life was significantly reduced by the appropriate safety measures being in place.

Having attended to control and extinguish the fire, the fire service acknowledged that the fire was contained by these measures which prevented a more serious incident developing. You can read the full news article here.

If you are responsible for any kind of premises you need to take fire safety very seriously. In addition to aiming to prevent a fire breaking out, it is vital to have measures in place that alert you quickly should a fire occur and aim to contain the fire should the worst happen. This way any potential damage can be minimised. It can be difficult to know where to start, but peace of mind comes with knowing you have done everything you can.

We offer a range of fire services including fire risk assessments, fire alarm installation and testing and the supply and maintenance of fire extinguishers. In addition, we can provide emergency lighting to enable a safe exit from the premises in case of emergency.

Fire alarms are your early warning system and designed to alert building occupants that a fire may have broken out so that they may evacuate safely. They can prevent loss or damage to property, emotional trauma and distress, as well as injury and death.

If you are unsure whether your premises need a fire alarm system, don’t know when the alarms should be serviced or have any other fire safety questions, we’d be happy to help.

A visit from one of our qualified engineers will ensure that your fire alarm system is fully functional and ready for use. We will also train your staff to carry out weekly tests of the fire alarm and to minimise false alarms. Our team are regularly installing fire alarms and are therefore well placed to make recommendations and help you make the best decision in order to keep your building/s safe.

Servicing is important to ensure your fire alarms can perform their vital role in preventing loss of life, but also to prevent false alarms. False alarms result in fire brigades being called out unnecessarily, wasting money and drawing resources away from other potential emergencies. We use a computerised maintenance management system to ensure all maintenance and service visits are carried out on time. Due to the legal responsibility related to fire safety work, it is essential that all works are carried out on time and fully documented.

Please don’t take chances with fire safety. It is simply not worth the risk.