Valentines Fire In Aylesbury

It’s not the kind of bedroom heat that anyone wants on Valentines night but there was a bedroom fire in Aylesbury on Saturday night. Three fire appliances were dispatched, but the fire was out by the time they got there so they just carried out safety checks and offered advice.

We are not sure of the details of this incident but it does illustrate that when fire crews are called out they do not always have a fire to deal with when they get there and this is good.

Whether at home or at work, you should have a fire safety plan in place so that everyone knows what to do in event of an emergency.

Your priorities are:
• To get to safety
• To call 999

And only then, if safe and you know what you’re doing, a small fire can be tackled with fire extinguishers before they get out of control. This should only ever be done with you remaining between the fire and your exit.

An important part of this is of course an early warning system to detect a fire in the first place to ensure safety to people in the first place and to the property in the second place.