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What are the advantages of PAT testing?

According to the Electricity at Work Regulations 1989, every business must maintain the standards of electrical equipment in the workplace and make sure any potential for accidents from electrical equipment are removed from the work environment. Although the regulations do not specifically state what means must be taken to achieve this desired result, one of the sure-fire ways to give yourself a peace of mind is through PAT testing.

What is PAT testing?

Portable appliance testing (PAT) is the phrase used to describe the process of examining electrical appliances and making sure they are safe for use in the home or workplace. Often, faults in products can be simply observed and found visually, however on other occasions, further physical testing must take place to discover breakages with faulty electrical goods. Both visual and physical testing is vital to the examination process and some types of defects cannot be found by just one or the other. Tests should be conducted by an electrical professional who has the required experience and qualifications to detect what could be dangerous faults in your electrical appliances.

PAT Test Socket
PAT Test Socket

The benefits of PAT testing

So, what are the advantages of PAT testing?

• You can significantly reduce the risk of electrical accidents including electrocutions and fires caused by electrical appliances by performing regular PAT testing. You can never guarantee that there won’t be an accident in the workplace but performing a PAT test will dramatically decrease those odds and protect your employee’s from potentially life-threatening harm. How many people use a kettle in your workplace, daily? If that kettle malfunctions and the fault isn’t recorded, the chances of an accident happening are very high.

• A regular PAT testing will help you comply with a number of UK work safety regulations including The Electricity at Work Regulations (EAW) and the Health & Safety at Work Act. Although maintaining the safety of your employee’s should be your first priority, you will also want to make sure your business complies with a long list of regulations that expose you to legal action should you not comply.

• By keeping your electrical in check and maintaining high levels of safety in the workplace, you will be viewed more favorably by your insurance company. Some insurance firms will expect you to comply with very high standards of health and safety in the workplace which often include completing regular PAT testing inspections.

• Another benefit is the practicality of discovering faults with electrical appliances in the workplace. If there is an issue with any of the equipment you use on a daily basis, having this issue captured and resolved immediately will make your life easier rather than if you discover an error on your own and the faulty equipment puts a halt to the work you’re trying to conduct.

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