Woman & Children Rescued From A House Fire In Milton Keynes

Our thoughts and well wishes go out to the a woman and two children rescued from a house fire early this morning in Milton Keynes.

We do not know the details or the cause of the fire but we work hard to ensure that businesses in and around Milton Keynes are exposed to an absolute minimum risk of fire and though we do not provide the same service to homes, we can offer advice and guidance by way of a domestic fire risk assessment where you can download our risk assessment for your home together with guidance notes free of charge.

Life can look very unpredictable when you are unprepared, but things happen for a reason and so when you know what the reasons for fire are you can look for them, and you will notice things are more predictable. With our risk assessment it is simple to be prepared so that you can relax and hope for the best while being prepared for the worst.

  • Look for and manage the causes of the fire

Fire cannot exist without oxygen, fuel and an ignition source (heat). Organise your home to keep ignition sources and fuel apart and fire is much less likely to happen.

  • Put in strategies to deal with a fire if it occurs

Early warning and intervention can mean that a fire can be kept from getting out of control though no one should intervene without proper training with equipment.

  • Ensure you and your family can escape safely if it gets out of control

There should always be more than one way out and everyone in the household should know what to do in event of a fire so no time is lost in confused communication.

This is essentially the service we provide to businesses, but businesses are usually higher risk due to business practices, size and the number of people so legislation is detailed and thorough. We can assist businesses navigate and understand that legislation and provide structure so that fire safety management is a simple matter that compliments business activities instead of distracts from them.