Christmas Fire Safety Tips

Thank you for visiting us for some Christmas Fire Safety Tips to keep yourself and your family surrounded by the warm glow of Christmas without it spreading out of control, to bask in the warmth of each other’s hearts instead of warmth of the curtains on fire.

The risk of fire at Christmas is greatly increased by the presence of decorations which serve as both ignition sources and fuel for any potential fires. Consider this along the with the presence of excitable relatives and Aunty Mary who gets a little wobbly on her feet after her third glass of mulled wine and that increase in risk to people’s health and well being is significant.

We have therefore put together a simple fire risk assessment with accompanying notes packed with Christmas fire safety tips for you to perform in your home during the advent count down. Planning in advance with these simple tools mean you’ll be able party with the best of them knowing that those in your charge are safe.

It can be hard to organise your thoughts with so much else demanding your attention so the attached documents will take the effort out of that. There are some guidance notes to walk you through the process and a simple form to help you identify any risks and manage them so that there is less chance of a fire and more chance of getting people to safety if the worst does happen.

Christmas Fire risk Assessment Form
Christmas Fire Risk Assessment Guidance Notes

Here at Fire & Electrical Safety Ltd, we provide fire safety solutions to businesses, so please note that where these Christmas fire safety tips are fine for guiding you in what precautions to take at home, fire risk assessment for business premises must be bespoke in order to identify the specific risks present in the activities carried out within your business and to meet the strict regulations in place for your protection so please feel free to contact us if you would like some advice at work.