Fire At A Northampton Recycling Centre

On Sunday 18th January this year there was a fire at a Northampton Recycling Centre that burnt for over four hours, took up to sixty fire fighters and ten pumps to bring under control.

The Think Green Recycling Centre in Wollaston just outside Northampton reported no injuries and no damage to the building as it was eighty tonnes of plastic that burned.

The smoke was heavily detectable on the air in a village as far as three miles away so residents in the surrounding areas were advised to keep all windows and doors closed in defence of the toxic smoke until the next day when the Environmental Agency attended the site with forensic investigators.

The cause of the fire is still being investigated and we are by no means suggesting that Think Green did not take every precaution they could, but this incident demonstrates how fire is not just a threat to the business where it starts, it has repercussions for the community too in terms of significant expense and environmental issues. This highlights the need to put every effort into prevention. Attention to fire safety protects your reputation as well as resources.

Based in Milton Keynes our services extend as far as protecting businesses in Northampton from fire. Fire safety procedures start with fire risk assessments which if done properly identify all measures that need to be taken to protect your business and lives within it in order of priority. A professional company such as Fire & Electrical Safety Limited can perform all this for you so that you can concentrate on your key business aims.